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Lissie Turner

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As a keynote speaker, radio presenter, writer, yoga practitioner, entrepreneur, mother of three, stepmother of two and an inspirer of change, Lissie Turner is, first and foremost, a communicator. Over two decades her humorous, digestible approach to the burning questions of life, has opened doors, minds and hearts around the globe.

For three years Lissie (then known as Mel Bampton) hosted triple j drive with Charlie Pickering (The Project), followed by three years as ‘Mel in the Morning’. She sat with many of the Gods of modern times – Radiohead, REM, Lou Reed, David Suzuki, Tim Flannery and Blondie to name but a few – her trademark authenticity and wit, earning her a reputation as one of the most credible and engaging interviewers in the world.

Lissie’s ability to create ‘right-place, right-time ideas’, was represented in her creation of Like a Version; one of the most popular segments in triple j history, spawning 10 CD compilations and earning a place on the station’s breakfast program, where it still lives today.

She created The Producer Series, which ran for 6 years on the ABC, leading to a book deal with Harper Collins based on her global search for the world’s greatest music producers. The book is due for release early 2016.

In her role as National Media Manager at Soundwave, Lissie’s trademark technique of ‘only positive professionalism’ saw it through its record-breaking year in 2013 as the biggest music festival in Australia’s history. Simultaneously, after 20 years of her own practice, Lissie, became a teacher of yoga. Along with her husband, building their own studio, where they accentuate in their students courageous and unbounded living from a platform of health and wellbeing.

Her striking way with words has been highlighted in the pages of jmag, Life Etc, Surfing World, BtN, Green Living, Blunt, Tracks, Sydney Morning Herald, Cleo, Cosmo, The Glow and Limelight and for 4 years as the Music and Film Editor for yen.

Today she combines two decades of multi-platform communication expertise with 20 years of study in mind/body fortitude to inspire others to take control of their own existence. With her gift of words and enormous-picture view, Lissie Turner propels people on their path to exhilaration and contentment.

‘Working with Lissie was one of the best experiences of my professional career. Her positivity, creativity and support weren’t just a joy to be around, they taught me about making the most of every opportunity.’

Charlie Pickering, Channel 7’s The Project and internationally renowned stand up comic.

To this day I regard Lissie as Australia’s best broadcaster: funny, intelligent and very cool under pressure. To say she has a way with words is an understatement.  She has the ability to take what someone does and put it in the best possible context, while never bending the truth.  She just ‘gets it’.’  

Ash Grunwald, Australia’s most prolific modern bluesmen

Lissie’s Most Popular Topics

Courageous Communication: Making Meaningful Connections

Demonstrating how to communicate courageously from an authentic platform, Lissie gives rise to creativity and power. She imparts inspirational, practical techniques to transform ourselves into beings that propagate immense trust and respect.

Breaking Through Bullshit For Brilliance Sake

In this presentation Lissie explores how to affectionately let go of everything that you’ve ever innocently absorbed that is the voice of someone else and hear the pitch-perfect sound of your own brilliance.

Many Minds, One Goal: Techniques of Team Cohesion

A fractured team is a failing team. Lissie imparts the wisdom of mind/body connection, breath control and meditation techniques to bring singular focus to many minds and create a team that moves and thinks as one.

Turning Injury Into Opportunity; Healing With Power

Turning physical injury into immense opportunity to find knowledge and strength in both body and mind. Learn from Lissie how to come back from injury stronger than ever before.

Fierce Femininity – The Power of Softness

In this presentation, Lissie looks at how powerful post-feminism women can be fiercer and more empowered than ever while embracing the beauty of woman to nurture and to create.


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