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Teresa Fino

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Teresa Fino is a Vibrational Alchemist, Evolutionary and Inspirational Leader in Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing who has embraced metaphysics and the healing arts for over 25 years. She has trained and worked across many modalities which form the basis of her extensive “toolkit” and is the Creator her powerful Intuitive Healing System.

Drawing on her innate intuitive gifts, Teresa scans and “reads” her clients’ bodies.  Using specific, transformational, vocalised sound waves, Teresa clears energetic and emotional blocks enabling her clients to move forward in life with greater clarity, purpose and power.  She is also evolving her gift of “energetic surgery”.

As the Creator of the Freedom Breath Process, a scientifically proven breathing process to break free of depression, stress, anxiety and emotional pain, Teresa has facilitated hundreds of sessions to liberate people from the ties that prevent them from having a successful, fulfilled life.

Teresa’s training includes certification as an Advanced Teacher and Leader of Louise Hay from Dr. Patricia Crane, PhD; Breathwork at the Institute of Heart Intelligence; Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Reiki II.

Teresa is a co-author of the internationally published book “The Path to Success” along with other renowned visionaries, authors and world-class leaders in the personal empowerment and success fields such as Dr Wayne W. Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Brian Tracy.

Her unique one day workshop, The Prosperity Transformation Adventure, facilitates participants to become aware of their limiting beliefs, learn about the Law of Attraction and how to integrate the prosperity mindset to create abundance in their lives.

Teresa is passionate about collaborating with like-minded people around the globe and providing a platform where they can shine and share their light and wisdom.  To date, Teresa has co-hosted over 40 online seminars and the popular weekly radio program, “Enlighten Up With Tess and Bess.”

Teresa is available for private consultations, seminars, workshops, study groups and is a sought after speaker on topics relating to every facet of well-being.

Speaking Topics

  • Coping with Change Holistically
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Thriving in Life
  • Empowerment through tapping into your innate wisdom
  • Conscious manifesting to create a life you love
  • Youthening and Holistic Wellbeing
  • 21st Century Business – embracing the feminine in all of us



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